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DW Space for Freedom (EN) | Illustration | Journalismus, Presse, Fotograf

"It all felt like it was closing in on me"

An exiled Russian journalist and Space for Freedom participant reflects on the years since the start of the Ukraine war.

People need a free press to be informed and to make informed decisions. At the same time, journalists around the world are targeted by authoritarian leaders who try to silence critical voices.

These journalists are threatened, abused, threatened with imprisonment and some are killed. A great many must leave their homeland. Indeed a free press is most critical in times of crisis and conflict. Many journalists and their employers therefore try to continue their work in exile, and often under the most difficult circumstances.

To support these journalists, it's necessary to have a network of others willing to help in various ways: digitally, mentally, legally and economically. Together with our partners, DW Akademie supports journalists under threat so that they can do their work despite intimidation. 

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